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Air Conditioner
Brand: GE Zoneline Premium Series with Heat Pump Unit
Model: AZ58H15DAD (discontinued, possible replacement AZ61H15DAC or AZ61H15DAD)
Power Plug Model: RAK3203.

Extruded Architectural Aluminum Outdoor Rear Grille
Model: RAG67
Used with: RAB71 and RAB77 and extended wall cases

Repleaceable Filters
Model: WP85X10008 (AP3796183) replaces RAA63, 1090826, AH963001, EA963001, PS963001 - Genuine GE Part
Size: 14.3125 x 9.625 x 0.6875 in

Note1: This is the largest GE unit that will not trip 20 Amps circuit breaker.
GE Zoneline Model Number Description:
AZ = Zoneline series
AZ61H = Heat pump with backup electric heat
AZ61H15 = Nominal 15,000 BTU/HR cooling
AZ61H15DAB = 230/208V, standard unit.
AZ61H15DAC = 230/208V, corrosion protected unit.
AZ61H15DAD = 230/208V, ICR unit.

Note2: If the current wall case is not insulated, you can reduce the possibility of condensation forming by installing insulation kit RAK901L.

Note3: Because of the air conditioner redesign, a new outdoor grille is required. If an existing grille is not replaced, capacity and efficiency will be reduced and the unit may fail to operate properly or fail prematurely. You should use the outdoor grilles shown on the “Essential Elements” label on the top of the unit.

Note4: Grilles are paintable to match building decor.